My Wealth creation plan

Improve upon your past, live a comfortable present and build a secure future


Wealth creation may not be easy but can be simple.

To create wealth, you should have a savings strategy that works…

Define your specific financial goals. Work with your financial adviser
Specify your short-term and long-term budgeting objectives
Make plans to eliminate debt
Build a well-diversified, robust investment portfolio. Remember, Asset allocation is the key
Work with licensed financial advisers who have a wealth of experience in recommending you a full range of financial products.
Understand the risk and reward potential of all prospective investments.
Agree the fee structure
Implement and maintain the investment strategy
Revisit your financial goals periodically, as the aspirations and circumstances change
Review the strategy against your financial plan

Use the below calculators to plan your savings

Please note: The investments or products you use will have their own charges and fees which may reduce your investment values. The calculators in this website are not tailored to the investments or products you choose. Discuss with your financial adviser about the specifics of your investments

asset allocation

Constructing a prudent investment plan

Asset allocation is the key element of investment planning

Asset allocation is the cornerstone of a prudent investment plan and is the single most crucial decision you will make regarding your portfolio.

Simply put, asset allocation is diversifying across several dissimilar asset classes to reduce risk of losing money while increasing the chance of making money because investment returns are directly related to investment risk.

If you look at it holistically, in addition to spreading risk across different asset classes, diversification is also about spreading your financial risk across:
• different geographies or markets
• different fund managers
• different products or investment vehicles
• different currencies

As you move through life, your financial needs change, and so does your investment attitude. Asset allocation is at the centre of portfolio management in each phase of life. It depends on each person’s unique situation. Asset allocation is personal. There is a correct allocation for your needs and risk tolerance at every stage in life.

Asset allocation largely determines the risk and rate of return that your portfolio is expected to experience over time. If you have the right asset allocation for your needs, you are well on your way to fulfilling your financial goals with an acceptable amount of risk.

Asset allocation cannot happen in a silo. It requires a careful understanding of fundamentals, various styles and examining of sectors of each asset class. A good financial adviser can help you with that.

Use the below Risk profiler and asset allocator tool to estimate your risk-bearing capacity

Please note: The below tool is just a guide. Discuss with a financial adviser for advice on your exact asset allocation

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