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With multiple assets and increasing wealth, your needs become more complex, which in turn drives demand for more sophisticated financial advice like estate planning.


You choose who inherits what, not the courts

A constructive transfer of wealth is a major component of a successful financial plan

While assets can grow over a lifetime, so can the need to consider a variety of products and services to protect wealth for your heirs.

A well thought out financial planning strategy that includes writing a will, estate planning, life insurance and trusts helps to ensure a lasting legacy for you and your loved ones.

Reasons for estate planning

  • Provide adequately for your spouse and dependents
  • Distribute assets according to your wishes, not the courts
  • You choose the guardian for your minor children, not the courts
  • Appoint your own power of attorney to manage your affairs
  • Decrease the time and potential problems to settle your estate
  • Pass your business to your spouse, children or other party
  • Gift money or assets to a charity of your choice

Your financial adviser can offer comprehensive financial advice which goes beyond investment

Trust services

Protect your intentions

Asset Protection, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Preserving Family Assets and more

A trust ensures fewer family disputes and smooth distribution of wealth. It can ensure business continuity over multiple generations. It also provides a novel way to transfer your assets and support your favourite charitable organisations or causes that matter to you. It can ensure care of loved ones with special needs.

A Trust can also be used for asset protection to ring fence the assets. The most popular usage of trust is taking assets out of an estate, helping lower your tax.

The setting up of Trust is a highly specialized field on which you should take advice from an expert because to provide real protection the trust must be properly constituted. 

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