Demystifying Financial products- Investment Trusts 101

Demystifying Investment Trusts

An investment trust is a kind of fund set up as a firm or a company, so you can buy and sell its shares on the stock exchange. Their aim is to generate returns for their equity holders by investing in a portfolio of shares, property, or other asset classes, as chosen by the investment […]

Are you the financial adviser your client wants? Think hard

Good Advice_Financial Adviser

 Here is the LinkedIn article I wrote sometime back on what makes a good financial adviser. What kind of financial adviser are you? The one your client needs or the one your client wants.  Have you ever wondered which one you are? Because there is a difference. My experience and the interactions with the clients […]

A great post-retirement life after 60? Here is a virus, practice

Retirement life- two empty chairs

Here is the LinkedIn article I wrote in April last year on retirement life when we faced the first lockdown in Dubai. It has not lost its relevance. Me: I haven’t yet planned how I am going to spend my time in retirement life. Mother nature: Here is a virus, practice. As I am on annual leave […]