We provide tools and information to guide you and help educating yourself on the workings of life insurance and other financial products, which help you in having more meaningful conversations with your financial adviser.

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myfinancialplan.ae provides you with the information to help you establish a prudent financial plan for your needs, implement it, and help maintain it.

It also gives you the power of DIY (Do It Yourself) by providing access to financial calculators to create and recreate your own financial plan while sitting in the comfort of homes, offices or even coffee shops using your phone, tab or desktop.” 

So, go ahead, do it yourself and create your own financial plan. If you get stuck anywhere, give us a call. We would be happy to assist you in improving upon your past, live a comfortable present, and build a secure future.

A financial plan looks at all aspects of your finances and considers the past, present and future. If you want to connect to a financial adviser for your financial goals, we can help you. In all these years in financial services, we have built relationships, and you can leverage those relationships for your benefit by connecting with us.

Arvind Krishnan, CFPCM
Co- Creating products you will love

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myfinancialplan.ae is for you i.e., the end-user- the customer.
While our vision is redesigning life insurance products, services, and distribution, we genuinely believe that it is not possible without involving the end-user, which is you, in the whole design process.

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ideate with us

We would like to engage with you to discover what matters to you- what triggers your frustration and what provides ease, what brings grief and what sparks joy. It will help us look beyond our assumptions by putting ourselves in your shoes and simply see the world through your eyes. It will help us learn more about your experiences and perceptions, and what is important to you.

Role as a customer

Be creative participants rather than passive recipients

With a design thinking mindset, we believe life insurance product development cannot happen in silos. Opening the product development process to include diverse views of customers will help regain perspective on what customers want and really care about, which can fundamentally change the way the life insurance products are designed and sold.

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Co-create products and services you love


We listen to your motivations, aspirations, frustrations and source of happiness


We generate tons of ideas and choose the right ones to address your needs


Making the ideas come to life by building something rough and rapid


Repeating ideation and prototyping over and over to refine the idea and move it forward to build products and services you love

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